About Us

About Us

Welcome fellow dosa-lovers and dosa newcomers!
We’re excited to share the story of how the DosaMaker came to life.

As a child, I grew up enjoying homemade dosas made fresh by my mother. My mom is an amazing Indian cook who used dosas to wrap a variety of delicious fillings for our family. Many years later while I was working in India, I was enjoying a delicious dosa and realized that everyone I knew back home loved dosas, but most people couldn’t make them. So after returning home to Pittsburgh, I decided that there needs to be a simple and easy way for anyone to make a perfect dosa. After many years and over a dozen prototypes later, my team and I are proud to bring you the DosaMaker. 


During the development process, our project to create a product that anyone could use to make an authentic Indian dosa turned into so much more when we learned about the variety of dosas we could make when using the DosaMaker. We discovered that new batter recipes that would otherwise be extremely hard to spread by hand would form into a round dosa when using the DosaMaker.


We were now making dosas using a variety of ingredients, including healthy grains, lentils, fruits, and vegetables. These “non-traditional” dosas were healthy and delicious, and we found ourselves using them as a way to replace tortillas, sandwich breads, and even chips. We connected with consumers who were trying to lose weight and eat less bread, who couldn’t eat gluten and looking for tasty bread substitutes, and those who just wanted to make a quick, healthy wrap at home from wholesome ingredients.


So whether you’re gluten-free, trying to eat healthier and lose weight, or simply want to enjoy an authentic Indian dosa at home, we hope you enjoy the DosaMaker as much as we do!


Arvind & the DosaMaker Team

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