Oatmeal Banana “Sushi” Rolls

Oatmeal Banana “Sushi” Rolls

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This recipe is for a fun, healthy finger food that’s great for kids (and adult kids!). Made with wholesome ingredients including oatmeal, brown rice, and flax meal – you won’t feel guilty when enjoying this dosa! Kids can hold these banana “sushi” rolls easily and they’re great to dip into your favorite yogurt or spread. These only take 10 minutes to make and clean-up is easy!



To blend:

• 1/4 cup oatmeal. (Note: For gluten-free dosa, make sure you purchase gluten-free oatmeal)

• 1/4 cup brown rice flour

• 1/2 cup milk (nut or dairy)

• 1 tsp flax meal

• 2 tbsp apple sauce (unsweetened or sweetened, your preference)

• 3 tbsp water

• 1/4 tsp cinnamon

• 1/16-1/8 tsp (pinch) of salt


Other ingredients:

• 1 banana

• peanut butter, almond butter, nutella, or sunflower seed spread

• chia seeds (optional)

• granola (optional)

• honey or maple syrup (optional)

• your favorite greek yogurt flavor (optional)


Cooking Instructions

1. Blend all ingredients listed under “To Blend” until you have a smooth batter.

2. Set the DosaMaker on temperature setting #2.

3. Add a light coating of oil to the top and bottom cooking plates. Pour 3oz to 3.5oz of batter into the DosaMaker and close.

4. Cook for 2 minutes.  Open to check the dosa and if desired, cook additional 30 seconds. Note: For this recipe we like the dosa to be a bit softer so we can roll it around the banana. 

5. Remove the dosa and let it cool for about 30 seconds. Spread your choice of nut butter or chocolate spread on top of the dosa. Place a whole peeled banana at one end of the dosa and roll.

6. Give the wrapped banana a few gentle squeezes to ensure it’s wrapped tightly. Cut into 1 inch pieces.

7. Drizzle with honey or maple syrup and garnish with some chia seeds and granola for crunch. You can also dip into your favorite greek yogurt.

8. Enjoy!

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